【HAIR CREPERIE】新しい場所、新しい生地、新しい色への旅。

[HAIR CREPERIE] Journey to new places, new fabrics, new colors.

hello. This is Itsuki, the designer.

I would like to announce the new HAIR CREPERIE, but this time I will talk about the process from the start of development to a journey.

the beginning of the journey

Looking back at the origins of HAIR CREPERIE, ITSUKI's night cap that was made in the early stages of development was in the high 7,000 yen range. The picture below is the 7,000 yen nightcap that was never released.

Until we were able to make it to the current price of 4,900 yen, we had a hard time choosing materials and meeting the factory to make it.

That's why I would like to shake hands with each and every one of you who are satisfied with this price and specifications and have purchased it.

And thankfully, we are seeing more and more people (mainly on SNS) who are considering ITSUKI's nightcap.

However, after all, the bottleneck for consideration is the "price".

So, in order to make it even more affordable, I decided to go on a new trip.

Produced across the ocean. Made in China. But actually, let's make it made in China! I didn't think about it beforehand.

Luckily, I was able to start this journey with a trustworthy connection in manufacturing in China.

And as one of the goals of the journey, we were able to set the price of the new work to 3,200 yen.

Silk road

As the journey progresses, there are unexpected by-products.

It was the large selection of Chinese silk fabrics.

Silk has a longer history in China (although I think many things are the same regardless of silk), and there is information that it is a specialty. Come to think of it, the trade route for bringing silk from China to Rome was the "Silk Road".

So, for this new product, the silk content on the back side, which is the hair, has been increased to 50%, and a more glossy fabric is used.

For testing purposes, I used a nightcap made from a new fabric, but it was different... When I took it off, my hair felt moist and easy to comb!

By the way, the remaining 50% of the back fabric is cotton. Even if the formulation is different, the combination is the same as ever.

The reason why I didn't choose 100% silk is because I like the comfort of wearing it and the difficulty of taking it off (that is, it sticks well) because it contains cotton.

But 100% silk is also hard to throw away.

I want to make new items using 100% silk fabric. To do that, we need another trip, so that's another story.

Journey in pajamas

I have used the word travel many times before.

However, for the past year or so, it's been difficult for me to go on a trip in a triumphant way, and instead of going out, I've been in my pajamas all day in my room.

One-mile wear is good, but I like old-fashioned and THE pajama designs.

On a personal note, I recently bought a pair of light blue pajamas.

Light blue is a mysterious color, like a vague, clear sky. It's clean, easy to incorporate, and has no sarcasm.

I liked that kind of presence, so I made light blue appear as a new color.

The silk cotton fabric on the inside is also dyed in a stunningly beautiful light blue color.

Both colors are colors that make you feel sunny and comfortable even when you are left alone on the bed.

Pale blue-red in particular is my favorite color and reminds me of the dresses worn by the characters in Margaret Atwood's novels.

Once you have your favorite things to wear and what you can see, you can dream as far as you want in your head. You can travel into the story.

May HAIR CREPERIE accompany your dreams.


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