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2way mini gift bag

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A mini gift bag large enough to hold two nightcaps. A set of ITSUKI's original hand mirror with a cute bear drawn by Peko Asano.

*The night cap body is sold separately.

If you attach it to a tote bag, it can also be used as a fishing pocket (inner pocket), so you can use it for a long time after opening the gift.

The fishing pocket is very convenient because it can store familiar keys and smartphones because they cannot be quickly taken out of the tote bag. Not just as a wrapping, but as another gift.

Also, please choose one for yourself.

<mini bag>
Size: 22cm x 28cm Material: 100% cotton made in china
<hand mirror>
Size: about 6 cm in diameter

  • bear hand mirror

    A small 6 cm hand mirror printed with a bear drawn by Peko Asano. If you carry it in your fishing pocket, you can take it out quickly.

  • Hanging pocket that can be used all the time

    After opening the gift, you can attach it to the tote bag and use it as a pocket for a hand mirror or smartphone.

  • Easy installation by tying a ribbon

    You can easily attach the cord attached to the mini gift bag to the handle of your tote bag by tying it with a ribbon.

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