【HAIR CREPERIE】前髪が長い人のための詳しいナイトキャップのかぶり方

[HAIR CREPERIE] How to wear a nightcap for people with long bangs

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What I thought when I bought another company's nightcap before.

"Oh, there's no explanation on how to wear a nightcap..."

I wonder why it's not on, explanation. That conventional nightcap, isn't it pretty hard to put all your hair in?

by the way. I received a question from a customer about how to wear a long bangs.

surely. If you have long bangs, you need to devise a way to wear it.

However, there is no explanation about how to wear it when the bangs are long...

that's no good. I tried to explain it in words, but somehow it becomes too complicated in sentences.

So I will mainly explain with illustrations.

Detailed instructions for wearing a nightcap for those with long bangs

If your bangs are longer than your chin

①In the case of an all-back style, sweep the bangs back and hold it with your non-dominant hand. If you want to make a part, divide it and then lightly pour it back and hold it with your hand.

② Keep the hand holding the bangs as it is and raise the rubber part with the dominant hand

③ Release the hand that held the bangs once, put the back hair in the hood with both hands and lift it up, then hold the bangs again with the non-dominant hand

④Without letting go of the hand holding the bangs, pull out the tip of the hood part from under the elastic, and pull it out as much as you can, then gently release the hand holding the bangs.

⑤ After this, follow the normal procedure. Grab the left and right ends of the tip that you pulled out, straighten it tightly, and roll it into the rubber to complete.

If the bangs are shorter than the chin

①Leave the bangs and put on a nightcap

② After you finish wearing it, separate the bangs where you like.

③ Insert your hand into the nightcap and put the parted bangs inside

④ Add the left and right bangs to complete

The above is a detailed explanation of how to wear a nightcap for people with long bangs.

Especially if your bangs are longer than your chin, it takes a little getting used to. At first, it is recommended to put it on while looking in the mirror.

HAIR CREPERIE is easy to take off! If so, please refer to this article.

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