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    Designed for those with hair longer than shoulder length. Put all your hair in a nightcap to keep your neck clean.

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    A nightcap for those with shoulder length hair. Easy to wear, just tie a ribbon under your chin.


    A pillow cover that reduces friction on the hair with a fine silk cotton fabric. For any hairstyle.

  • silk cotton

    A classic series that uses 50% silk and 50% cotton for the surface that touches the hair.

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  • 100% silk

    Luxurious series towari (100%) that uses 6A 100% silk fabric for the surface that touches the hair.

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For busy people who want to be beautiful.

Work, friends, and hobbies.
Every day I don't have time or room to get along with myself politely.

Even in those days
I want to incorporate new tools and become beautiful.
Itsuki is
It is a brand for such busy us.