【She is】ギフトとしてHAIR CREPERIEをご紹介いただいています

[She is] Introducing HAIR CREPERIE as a gift

ITSUKI's nightcap "HAIR CREPERIE" has been introduced as a gift at "She is", a participatory lifestyle and culture community that celebrates women who live their lives in their own way.

She is

What is She is gift?
If you become a member of She is (800 yen per month),
In addition to enjoying special gifts every month on the web, you can chat with members in the online community, read limited articles, e-mail magazines, etc.

And this time, ITSUKI's "HAIR CREPERIE" was introduced as a gift for October.
During October, Members can purchase a nightcap for ¥1000 off.

In addition, a night cap will be presented to 10 people by lottery from those who became new members in October. This is good news for those who want to try "HAIR CREPERIE".

The season when the air gets cooler day by day and you are concerned about drying.
Please use ITSUKI's night cap as a hair care item.

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